Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kali Hu

Kali  is eleven days old today (25wks 1day gestation).
She is doing well and continues to grow strong.
The nurses have told me that over the past three days, that she has been real active.
Which is a good thing!!
She's been trying to give them a hard time. lol
I love hearing that, cause that means she is definitely getting stronger.

Over the last three days also, she has been receiving medication for a PDA (heart murmur) that did not close on its on.  So the medication is to help close the murmur.
She finished the first round of the medication last night and had an echo this morning.
Unfortunately the murmur is still there.
So my Kali will start on her second round of medicine tonight and will finish it Saturday night and have another echo on Sunday or Monday.

I pray that the murmur will close with this second round.
If not, she will do one more round and have another echo.
If it still has not closed by then, she will have to have heart surgery.
I'm praying that it does not come to that.
She is a little fighter.  Again she is doing well.


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