Sunday, July 12, 2009

The First Week in the NICU

This week has been very trying.

Everything went by so fast.

I can't believe that Kali is a week old already.

She amazes me every day.

Her weight has been fluctuating, which is very normal for preemies.
I'm glad that she is doing well and has not had any episodes.
Her father and I are so proud of our little girl.
We've been video taping each day and I can't wait so show her the footage when she gets older.
We still are not able to have skin-to-skin contact, as she is under 1000g.
We have a ways to go before she gets to that.

We've been limiting the touching, so we won't have to have the doors to her isolette open as much.
But other than that she is fine.

They have been going up and down and her oxygen.
But all in all it depends on her.

As Dr. Bartley says, "she is the one driving the bus!"

My mind is so gone that I burned up some bottles that I bought for my breast milk.

I feel so stupid about it, but what can you do but go to the store and by some more.


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