Thursday, July 9, 2009

One can only imagine

As you can imagine, this is a very emotional time for my family.

Our Kali is 4days old today!!

So she is considered 24wks 1day.

She is doing really well!!
She weighs 1lb 7oz.
At this stage her weight is going to fluctuate from day to day.
She had chest x-rays this morning and Dr. Sharp, one of her three doctors, said that everything is perfect!!!

She started feeding two days ago, which is really good for a baby her age.
I received my breast pump yesterday, so today when I go she her,
I'll be able to take her my wonderful breast milk!!!
I'm excited about that!
When I went to see her for the first time on Tuesday, they dressed her up for me.
She had little pink bow in her hair and her bed had pink around it.
It was so cute!!!
She was laying on her back, basking in the light (photosynthesis light).
We were able to see her eyes and she opened them for us.
When she heard her fathers voice, she opened BOTH of her eyes
turned her head towards his voice.

I on the other hand only got one and 1/2 eye open and a slight turn of the head.
So you can say that I'm a little jealous about that.
But it's things like that, that she does, that sticks in your brain and you'll forever remember.
My little girl is a fighter and also her name is derived from the name of a Goddess that was a fighter with all that she did.  I'll go into the full meaning later. 
But Kali's name, fits her oh so well.


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