Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update on Kali!

Can you believe that Kali will be 2 MONTHS on Saturday!!

Wow how time flies!!!

But she is doing well.  Her o2 intake is really low.
Meaning that she is almost breathing room air.  I spoke with her nurse this morning and they're continuing trying to wean her on the o2.  She came off of the nasal cannula, but then she started to drop her stats (heart rate, o2 intake), so she had to go back on it.

But she hasn't had any problems since and that was about a week ago.  So hopefully she'll be able to come off of it completely by this weekend, if not, no rush.
She weighs 3lb 13oz, yes she is trying to hurry up and get home.
At her NICU the babies are allowed to go home at 4lbs.
So I honestly believe that Kali will be home by the end of September or maybe before that.

Ohhhhhhh, I can't wait!!!!!


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