Thursday, October 15, 2009

My tubby-tubby

So I took Kali to the doctor yesterday.
She is doing just fine.  She is such a cutie and sweetie.

She has her ways about her, but I love it.

Guess how much she weighs now?
A whopping 7lbs 12oz!!!!!
To me she doesn't look like it, but we can tell that she has gained.
I didn't expect her to weigh that much.

She's becoming a big girl.
She is three months old (as of the 5th).
I can't believe that much time has passed already.

She is still tiny though.
She can wear some newborn clothing, but the rest of the clothing is to big.
There is a big difference between nb and 0-3.

She has been in nb diapers for about two weeks and boy do they go fast.
Were using the Pampers brand, but the the Parent's Choice, Wal-Mart brand works just as well.
They're actually thicker than the Pampers.

But I love every moment of this.
Figuring out what's best for her, wanting her to have the best.
My tubby tubby.

I have like a million nick names for her.

But other than that, everything is fine!

Oh and she loves, I mean LOVES to take a bath.

The Most High is beautiful.  He brings forth life and helps us experience wonderful things.


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