Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Due Date 10/28/09

Today is my  due date, so Kali is considered a term baby.

So what some people may not know or understand is that even though Kali is alsmot 4month old actual, she is looked at as if she was a newborn who was just delivered.
They say if you have your baby earlier than 40wks.  Subtract how many weeks early he/she was from their actual age and that'll give you their adjusted age.

So since I had her 3months and 3wks early, she is only a newborn baby in their eyes.
But she isn't treated like one.

Went to the doctor today and she is weighing in at 8lbs 12oz.  Oh, she is getting big!! Always stretching ("Stretch" is another nickname I gave her, but everyone says it's to boyish, but I love it) and making noise. It's so cute.

Also, her hemoglobin is up to 9.8 which the doc says is wonderful, so she said that we can
COMPLETELY take her OFF of her o2.

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