Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kali is feeling a little better!!!!

Kali is starting to feel better.

I'm sooooooo happy.

She still has a cough, but it is not as bad as it was before.
That pump is realllllllllly helping her out.

I'm just so thankful that she was finally prescribed something.
She still has alot of mucus in her chest and her throat is still scratchy, so it causes her to cough.
Then the phlegm comes up into her throat and she just coughs and coughs and coughs.
It makes her cry and it just breaks my heart that I can't take that away.

I hate to see her going through this.  The coughing tires her out and makes her go to sleep.
Her appetite just picked back up (which is a goooooood thing) and she's hungry all the time.
She really doesn't want to eat her cereal or fruits and veggies, but she wants that bottle.

Hopefully she'll be over all of this really soon.


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