Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kali's Eye Appointment

So Kali had her eye appointment yesterday.

Every time we go to that office it takes

Well her appointment went good.
Dr. Singh said that her ROP is 

Since Kali has been off of the o2 her eyes
have gotten better.
So now..........

she's been referred to a 
Pediatric Optomitrist

Dr. Singh did mention that there was a chance that Kali could
develop a lazy eye, become near sighted or far sighted.
But I think that common with anyone.
He'll only see Kali if she has any major issues.

Dr. Singh is a sweet old man.
He doesn't speak much, but he does his job well.
He's been following Kali since she was born and he's been doing this type of work for years!!

So I'm very proud that Kali had Dr. Singh as her doctor.


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