Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is alot of work!!!

So I didn't really realize how much work
it was going to be to
planning Kali's birthday party.

I really want this to be a special event.

Hopefully Kali will retain alot of what happens,
but I hope that her family members will enjoy it as well.

I already know the design of the cake
I will be making it from scratch!!

I also have the menu planned and most likely I'll be cooking everything myself.
I just have to get the ingredients for everything.

I have to figure out the color scheme
figure out what I'm going to put in the goody bags for the guest.
I have a pretty good idea and I think it's different than what I've seen at children's birthday parties.

I think everyone will be surprised about everything.

I still have alot of stuff to get together.
By the end of June, I want everything together.

And all I want to do is
her party.

So here's to everything going smooth for
Birthday Party

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