Friday, July 2, 2010

I can't believe it!!!

Wow how time flies!!

I was thinking last nigt, "a year ago today I was in the hospital and hoping that I would make it to 24 weeks. I ONLY had a couple of days left. Who would've thought that I would be having my first child this early!!!"

I say it all the time and it's still rings true til this day, "I can't believe that Kali is HERE!!!" She looks like a little cartoon character. lol The reason I and her father say is because she is perfect!!! Every feature is so perfect. Her eyes, lips, nose, everything on her is perfect.

My 23weeker. My fighter!!! MY KALI!!!!!

Her birthday is Monday and I can't wait. We've decided to go ahead and have her a little, I mean little birthday party. We can't past this time up.

So alot to plan in little time. Hey but that's how we usually do things. Last minute!!! Next year SHOULD be more organized!!!! lol Emphasize on SHOULD!! lol

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