Friday, January 21, 2011

The Birth of Sia!!!

This experience is something that I would not change for anything in the world. Thankfully my pregnancy was “easy” this time around and there were not many complications. Despite being put on strict bedrest at 24wks (not really following it with a then 15month old), receiving 17p shots for 16wks and going to numerous doctor appointments, it was all worth it.

Ok enough rambling. Lol

On Monday, I was scheduled to go in and see my Dr. one last time before my scheduled induction on Tuesday. Unfortunately due to the snow storm that hit the south, the office was closed, my appointment was canceled and no one called to tell me. So since we were out, we decided to go by Wal-mart and buy last minute things before the induction. We wanted things handled so we wouldn’t have to go to the store once the baby came home. We got to Wal-mart around 12p and left around 3p. Yeah time flies when you’re in Wally-World.

I got home around 4p and attempted to clean, but honestly I can’t remember what happened between then and me going into labor. Lol I know I cooked and attempted to clean some and played with my little girl. So around 7pm I started to have contractions. They were mild and I assumed they would go away. Got some water and laid down. I monitored them and they were pretty consistent. At first they were coming every 6 to 7mins. By 9pm they were every 5mins. But I tried to wait and see if they would go away. Nope, still there.

Now around 7:30p the hospital called me and rescheduled my induction for 11am, instead of 7:30am, due to the weather conditions. Ok. So by 10pm, they were 4mins apart and they were getting stronger. So we got things together to head to the hospital. By time we go to the hospital they were on top of each other coming every 2-3 mins. I was in sooooo much pain and hoping was not too dilated to get an Epi. Yes I got an Epi. I so wanted a NCB, but that pain was so unbearable. For those who have done NCB you get a gold star and I commend you.

When I finally got to L&D, everyone though that I was there for my induction because it was close to 11pm and they thought that I misunderstood them on the phone. I was like, oh no I’M IN PAIN!!!!! The nurse checked me at 11pm and I was 6cm. Got my Epi around 11:30pm, but it was a partial Epi because of how far I was dilated. I was so afraid to get the Epi so I opted for a NCB, but once that pain hit me it was a no brainer. I could still fell the contractions, but not as much.

My doctor was sick, so the on call doctor had to come in. He was wonderful. He checked me between 11:30p and 12am and I was 7cm. He broke my water and they started Pitocin to help me along. I think if I didn’t have the Pitocin, that I would’ve labored for a lot longer, I don’t know. The nurse checked me again around 12:30a, because the contractions were getting stronger and I was having the urge to push and I was 8cm. I honestly believe that my Epi wore off, but my husband doesn’t think so. I was checked again between 12:30a and 1:30a and I was 9cm and was told to start pushing. I pushed for 30mins and our little girl was born.
It seems as though it took her forever to cry, but when she did!!!!! MUSIC TO OUR EARS!!!! She cried for a couple of seconds and then calmed down.

So at 2:30 am our little girl was born.

Sia (ce-ah) Nin Kri (cree) Burke was born on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 (1/11/11) at 2:03am in Room 204. Weighing in at 7lbs 7oz. I love how all the numbers coincide with each other. So thankfully my little girl came on her own and we did not have to be induced. I’m really excited about that. She came when she wanted to come.

She has a head full of black hair, she has the cutest cheeks, the cutest cry and boy is she greedy. I’ve been supplementing her with formula, because I’m just not doing it for her. Hopefully my milk supply will come in really soon.
Other than we are doing fine. We should come home later on today and I can’t wait to lie in my own bed with her on my chest. Kali hasn’t met her sister yet, but they’ll meet tomorrow. We’re going to bring her up to the hospital so she can meet her sister and see that she’s coming home with us. We just didn’t want to pop up at home with a baby. Plus all of the L&D staff can see Kali. My doctor told me that we were famous around here. Everyone remembers when Kali was born. She was the smallest baby ever delivered here at the hospital.

To moms of micro preemies: do not give up hope. I am living proof that you can have a micro preemie and go on to have a full term pregnancy and bring home a 7lb 7oz baby when you’re discharged. I’m so glad that she gets to come home with us and we do not have to do a NICU stay. It can happen, it can definitely happen. I thought that I was going to have another preemie, but with prayer and the intervention of man, we were able to make it to full term. I wouldn’t change anything about this pregnancy. I miss being pregnant, but I love having her here in my arms instead.

This is one of the first pictures that we took of her.

I told my husband it is so amazing to have so much love in your heart for someone you’ve never meet. But it’s understandable because of the bond you’ve created over the 9 months.

So please help me welcome our beautiful baby girl Sia to the world!!!!!


  1. I'm stalking you, I'm over the moon for you!!! You give me so much hope, ive passed Alexs birth gestation now so every things a blessing. Drop by at baby and bump and update the girls!

  2. Epi, No epi, c-section or adoption... As long as they get here healthy it's all natural to me!! :-)

    Now you have two beautiful miracles!