Sunday, October 2, 2011

Your BABY can READ

So if you have a child that is between the ages of 3 months and 5 years, this is information to think about.

This is a great program.  It really does work.

No I am not paid by the, even though some extra money would be nice!!! ;)

But my daughters, Kali and Sia are currently watching the DVDs.  Kali has been watching them faithfully since about July I want to say, with Sia by her side.  When Anqi was coming over, they would watch them together and afterwards we would go over the words with flash cards.

I'm not sure of Anqi's progress on this, since we haven't seen her in about a month or so.  But Kali is doing GREAT with it.  She knows majority of the words on the Starter DVD and the First Volume DVD.  She is doing great.

When I get a chance I will video tape her doing her flash cards and post it so everyone can share in her greatness.  Sia is doing good with it as well.  When she sees the word, not HEAR, but SEES the word "clap", she claps!! ha  Gotta love that right.

So all parents, new parents this program really does work.  It just takes time and patience.  Your child will not get overnight or in a week.  It takes time.  But they'll do great!

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