Monday, February 20, 2012


Quick update!!!!

The girls are good and smart as ever!!  I'm so amazed by them everyday.

Kali is sprouting and I'm like, "hey girl when did you get so tall?!" and Sia is right behind here.

Oh they got to see their Grandma (Joey's mom) for the first time last week and it was soooo touching.  Even thinking about it makes me smile and burst with joy!!  They are really sigh around people and won't go to just anyone, but they knew who she was and went right to her and gave her hugs and kisses!!  LOVE IT!!!!

Here are some pictures of our beautiful girls from last week.

Sia was trying to catch the bubbles!

I wonder what she was thinking about?!

If you look closely, Sia is smiling because I was calling her name and she was trying to ignore me :)

Kali and Sia were playing with the chair. They had so much fun sliding it back and forth.

I snapped this as Kali was walking in circles and just so happen to look at me!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

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