Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthday party pictures

Ok, so like I should be fired . . . . . . . . .
So I thought I took more pictures than what I did. :(

SO I did take pictures of the cake I made and thats about it!! haha

Bad I know, but there will always be lasting memories and I have video of the family singing Kali happy birthday!!  The only thing that really matters is that she had a great time and love eating cake and ice cream.

So here's a pic of the cake I made:
It was soooooo good, I'm not saying that because I made it.  The first cake I made Kali was bad, but it was edible. haha  The second cake, I bought and spent $26 dollars!!  This was made with love!!

This is the banner I made for birthday party.  Its hard to read against that hideous wallpaper at my dads house.  Next year I may just have the party at my place.  It may be small, but the main thing is having fun or we might do the park.  We'll see though!!

Next year we'll do better on the pictures for sure!!!!!

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