Thursday, July 5, 2012


Ok so the title says it alllllll . . . . .
Today is my BIG GIRL's 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

I'm excited, we have a whole day planned for her.  I asked her yesterday what she wanted for her birthday and she told me, "some cereal, chicken and french fries in a box!" haha  How cute was that?!?!?  The chicken and french fries she's talking about is from Checkers or Rally's.  They have a $2 chicken box, that comes with chicken bites and fries.  Kali and Sia love it!!!

So this morning I blew up about 15 or so balloons and put them all on the floor.  She is still sleep, she needs her rest after seeing all the kids playing with fire crackers last night.  But I think she'll love it.  So I've decided to make this a tradition.  The morning of either Kali or Sia's birthday I will put out a lot of balloons so they wake to it and know that it's their birthday!!!!!!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love bug and we're going to have a great day and mommy loves you!!!!!!

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