Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So much to do ..... so little time!

The title says it all!!

I have so much to do and so little time.  My nephew, Tristan, is turning 9 on the 7th and having his party on the 5th. I'm making his cake this year!! Yay!

It'll be a cupcake cake with a Star Wars theme. He is definitely a big fan.  I can't find what I need online, plus who's to say it'll get here on time, so off to the store I go (well not now, I'm doing this post and I have to clean house).

I have to do something to my hair. I purchased some more deep wave hair in a 2 (out of 1b) and still haben't found time to do my sewin, but I love ny naps.  Especially with a cute headband, some extra gigantic earrings and some lipgloss and I'm toooo cute.

School is getting ready to start here on the 13th so I have to get my post to try and get more clients. Need the money and doing hair is one of my many talents.  I have to make sure that I have all of my products, so a shopping I will go for those as well.  I guess I could do a back to school special?!  Thoughts people?!

I'm stiil in school and its stressful.  Going to school online you definitely have to be focused and driven.  The girls not being on a set sleep schedule is hard.  But we're slowly but surely getting there.  We have to finish getting there room together and I'm sure that will hope.

I have so much other stuff in between, that it is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But thats my ramble for the day!!

Oh and I'll have a cute video of Sia for later.  My baby speaks soooooo clear to only be18 months.  Everyone who hears her is soooooo surprised!!!


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