Sunday, September 23, 2012

What a deal!!!

Keep reading to find out more!!!!
So I love a great deal and one thing I love a great deal on it my children's clothes and shoes.  These things can become expensive.  So the other day I went to Target to buy the girls comforter sets for their beds.  You know I had to some browsing so I can across these and what a deal!!!!

For Kali:

If you can't read it it says $4.48 from and original $15.  These are toooooooo cute, wish I had me a pair, I would so rock these.

For Sia:

The tag says the same thing $4.48.  From an original $15. 

So if I would have bought these earlier I would've paid $30 + but instead I paid less than $10.

So this got me thinking.  I've put clothes in storage for years, like I still had clothes from when Anqi was a baby because I always thought that Joey and I would have a girl of our own someday and look how that turned out.  We have TWO!!!!! haha

But anyway, I was thinking if I can save clothes I can purchase shoes and save them too.  So when I go back to Target I will be looking for bigger sizes that hopefully they will be able to wear next year for spring and summer and not have to worry about spending $30 on some shoes.

I suggest this to everyone.  I do the same thing with winter clothes, summer clothes, everything that will help them have more for the next season.

So that is the deal I found this week.

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