Monday, April 1, 2013

My Hair Goal and Regimen

Yeah, you read that right!!
So I have a hair goal, different from my weight goal (which I will post later).

You see this picture right here.  This is what I want to be able to do one day.

I want to be able to put my hair in a bun like this.  I have recently come to except my hair texture, which is kinda weird since I've been natural for almost three years.  But I think it is a process for anyone who went from having relaxed hair and being able to have any hairstyle, to seeing different naturals and wanting your hair to look exactly like theirs and being totally disappointed when you hair comes out nothing like theirs.

But, like I said it is a process.  My hair still has a long way to go since, I've just recently embraced and have not been hiding it under weaves (not saying there is anything wrong with it, because I feel as though they are great protective styles) or extension braids.  My hair is greatly under-moisturized and I'm in the process of trying to replenish the moisture.

So I have decided on a hair care regimen for me and my girls.

It is as follows:
  • Shampoo once a week (alternating between shampoos and co-wash, to try to cut down on build up)
  • Using the LOC method after each wash (L - liquid, O - oil, C - cream)
  • After using the LOC method I either stretch my hair or flat twist it
  • Wear a satin hair scarf or whatever satin to sleep (same for the girls if they can last through the night)
  •  To maintain my twist out, I re-twist at night in bigger twist and lightly mist with a mixture of water and oils (castor oil, jojoba oil, EVOO, and Vitamin E) and lightly cover with my hair butter
It isn't much, but it is a start.  I recently started following Naptural85 and NaturalMe4C on YouTube.  I've seen videos from Naptural85 in the past, but didn't watch for long because I wasn't big into my hair care routine.  I found NaturalMe4C when I was so tired of seeing videos of people who didn't have my hair texture and then decided to search and came across her channel.  I love, love, love it.  My hair texture is 4C and my styles end up like hair styles.  Refreshing to see someone with the same texture.

NaturalMe4C has a website (click here) and she has a lot of great info (IMO) on her site.  Sweet and simple, just how I like it!!!

I recently made a hair butter.  I mixed recipes (well kind of mixed with the addition of Mango butter and not adding some oils, because I didn't   have them) from Naptural85 and from GirlsLoveYourCurls.  This butter is soooooooooo perfect and works wonders in all of our hair.  Kali's hair texture is 4C as well and this made her hair so smooth and soft and provided a great stretch.  Sia's hair texture is like a 4A with some 4C in there some where and her hair loves it too.

I used this to do a flat twist out (first since going natural) and it came out wonderful.  Needless to say this will be my go to hair style for awhile until I can master something else.

So that's that. My goal and my regimen to get there.

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