Friday, March 29, 2013

Our very Doc McStuffins & Appointment update!!

Yep that's right folks,mew have our very own Doc McStuffins.

Yesterday was Sia's first appointment at the new Drs office. When I say that this place is ten times better than their old office, it is better. Everything is up to date and it is a more relaxing environment.

The staff seems to truly care about your children and your concerns. Sia immediately feel in love with her. With the old doctor she had seen her since birth but was still kind of uneasy about her. She spoke to her nurse and played with her doctor. We loved it!!!

Kali loved her too! She told us later that she saw Doc McSuffins! I love that Disney does that. They both were really excited.

Ok now about how Sia is doing. Sia is exactly 3ft tall. My baby has gotten so big over the past couple of weeks that it is crazy. Her 2t pants are tooooooo short so she is wearing 3t. Girl is getting tall. She had to get two immunization, which I did not want, but the government says you have to have them in order to go to a daycare or any educational institution.

She had to get her finger pricked, and she did such a good job.

Overall: Great appointment, great experience, great doctor.

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