Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Being there for the changes!

As I sit here and "write" this post, I look at my two girls and see how much they both have changed over the past year.

My two girls are amazing, and I'm not just saying that because they are mine. I'm saying that because of all the knowledge I see that they have and because of all of the growth that I see in them every day. When I look at them they amaze me and I can't believe that their father and I created them. When the music comes on and they start to dance, I can't believe that they have all this rhythm and passion.

I love every moment of it and definitely cherish it everyday!

As parents we want for our children to have the world. Regardless how much money you have or don't have, it doesn't matter. It's not about material things. What matters is you being there for your children, especially during the important times. Being there WILL give them the world.

Being there will allow you to see the changes!

You'll see when your youngest turns the light on in the bathroom all by herself for the first time and show you how proud she is for doing being able to do it (she's definitely a big girl now).

Or when you let your girls choose to either play with the iPod or iPhone and while playing, they switch back and forth to share, even though they're playing the same game. :)

Watching you're oldest play Dora games on the laptop and showing how she dressed Dora (her favorite, dressing Dora as an astronaut).

Or eating pretend ice cream or chicken or pizza when your little one walks up to you and says, "I made you something!", and pulls it from being her back.

Hearing/seeing your oldest wake up, look at the window and say, "Mama, it's morning! It's time to get up!"

All those moments are priceless and I love being there for them.

I love US being there for them! *BIG SMILE*

I know it's a cliche, but they do grow up fast, especially during their first year. But after that they'll continue to amaze you. Watching them grow definitely makes me think more and more about having another baby, but some days when their acting like maniacs, the thought goes away some. But you have to remember that they're just children.

I love my stinky booger eaters (they don't really eat boogers I just call them that) and they love me, their Mata!

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