Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My growing baby!!

Ok so you expect your children to grow but at a certain point these jokers have a growth spurt.

Sia, for a girl (IMO), has a BIG foot. Know that all shoes are not created equal. I took her to the store and tried on different size shoes. The sz 7 was to big, the sz 8 was too big. So I assumed the the 7 was a better choice. WROOOONNNGG!!!!

I ordered the shoes and they were shipped to my door. And low and behold they wERE TO SMALL. So pissed off and Sia loved these shoes. So it's been raining for like 3 or 4 days. So going BACK to the shoe store hasn't been an option. So Zi took to the Internet.

I Googled to measure your child's shoe size at home and found some basic measurements. Everything said my baby wears a size 8.5!!!! When did her foot get SO BIG!!!!! Looking at her you would think that they were not so big but she can wear a pair of Kali's old shoes. So the hunt continues and I hope the new shoes that we decide to buy, last her for awhile.

Here is my big foot baby!!! A picture of her BIG foot and my BIG girl Kali!!!

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