Monday, February 4, 2013

Wow, it's been a long time!!

Ok so it has definitely been a long time since I have visited or posted anything on the blog. So much has happened and everyday is definitely a blessing.

So lets update about the girls:
Sia is 2 (just turned 2 on 1/11) and boy is she a trip. I am proud to say that she is potty trained and it is a joy to not have to buy so many diapers and wipes and pull-ups.

That little girl can talk up a storm and will tell you in a heartbeat what so will and won't do!!! (*smile). But I love my chocolate bunny and wouldn't change her for the world. She is a little fire cracker!!

Kali, Kali, Kali.
What can I say about my big girl Kali!!!
Well my baby knows how to spell hear name and we're not just talking about saying the letters. She can spell it on the refrigerator and knows when it is written down. She also knows how to spell Sia's name ( Sia knows how to spell Kali's name, but has is still working on hers) and is trying to spell it on the fridge alongside hers.

This little girl is a trip and wows me everyday. She has a thirst for knowledge and I hope that she will retain that forever. She always talks to me about when she grows up and what she wants to do. I love it!!

I love the fact we can actually sit down and have conversations with our children and even with being so young they get everything we say. I'm not boasting because they're our children but they're more advanced than children they're age. They love doing puzzles, playing video games, watching movies (favorite movie: Madagascar 3) and everything that a child loves to do.

They make me happy but I'm secretly wanting a little boy, but tell anyone :). Ok so what me?!?! There really isn't anything to tell. I'm trying to loose weight and of course when I want to start I find all of these yummy recipes to make everything you can think of from scratch and I've started to perfect my yeast rolls, my gravy, my rice, my chicken, my everything I cook. But being healthy and my babies fed is more important. Kali and Sia love my yeast rolls. They'll eat them all day if I let them.

But that's it basically. We had Sia's birthday party and my place. She had a ball. All of her cousins came except one. Um I'm already planning Kali's and hopefully, one day I can be organized when it comes to one of their birthdays!!!

That's it :)

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