Friday, February 26, 2010


I really cannot believe this.

This cannot be real.

There has been alot of drama since Michelle attacked J at my mother's house.

Since all of this, we've been to child support court.
He requested a DNA test.

And it came back that he was not the father.

This is sooooo crazy.

It's like whoa!!!!

We don't know if he'll ever be able to see Anqi now.

Even though Michelle knows that shes struggling, having to take care of two kids,
(because she's never had to do it, except on the weekends)
we have a feeling that she isn't going to let J ever see Anqi again.

Even after him taking care of Anqi for 4 years,
it's like her parents and her act like he never did a thing.

All of this is just crazy.
You would think after Aniq has created this bond with her dad,
that they would respect that, but they don't.

I believe all of them need to seek professional help about all of this.
God knows the TRUE you.

Regardless how much you tell yourself that something isn't so,
when it is, God knows.
As much as Michelle and her parents try to say that J didn't take care of Anqi,
they know that he did what he was suppose to do.
If he didn't take care of her and he never had her, why was Michelle always telling J
that her parents wanted to see Anqi.  Wanted to know when she was going back with Michelle.

Michelle has a one year old and this little girl has never seen her father.
Michelle may not even know who her child's father is.
I'd really be surprised if she knew who Anqi's father is.
I bet she'll be going out for child support against him now.

My point on speaking about that is this,
she'll make it to where Anqi doesn't have a father.
Make it to where J isn't in Anqi's life, even though he wants to be.
But she'll make Anqi fatherless.

And to do that is STUPID.
But the girl is SLLLOOOOOWWW
(I guess like parents like children)

Michelle didn't grow up fatherless, but she'll make her daughters grow up that way.

It's sad.  Really sad.

But this is most likely what's going to happen.
Michelle, will probably be in the relationship that she's in for a couple of more months.
That's if she is still in the same one.
She'll tell Anqi and Alesha to call him daddy
and when he leaves her for whatever reason.
She'll do the same thing with the next guy.

But you would really think that one would think about the well-being of their children.
She was depending on this child support from J, to take care of her and not her children,
now she gets nothing.

And Anqi and J loose.

I'm tired of the drama with this little girl.
She needs to grow up and take responsibility for what she's caused.

She brought all of this to the forfront.
 I have a feeling that she knew that J was not the father of Anqi
and thought that he was just going to sign the papers.

So, so, so sad.

Please pray for those children who are stuck with this girl who has a lot of growing up to do.
Age ain't nothing but a number.

Wisdom and maturity does not come with age.


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