Friday, March 5, 2010

8 months old!!!!

Kali turned 8 months today.

She won't have her next doctors appointment until April.
Since she's been home from the NICU, she's basically gone to the doctor every two weeks,
then at least once a month.

But everything is fine.
As per her eye appointment on the 16th, she doesn't have to go back
for THREE whole months!!!
That's really good, considering how bad her eyes where when she came home.
Over time, they are getting better.

Hopeful she won't have to wear glasses at a very young age or even at all.

Alot of doctors are very surprised that she can even see,
with being born that early.
Most preemies born at or around 23 weeks are blind.
So we are very thankful that she is able to see.

I've noticed some changes in Kali over the past month.
Nothing bad, just stuff that is "new".

She has a new cry.
It's more like a, hell I can't describe it.

But now she holds her hands together in front of her chest.
Its so freaking cute!!
And talking about strong!!!
Wow, she is really strong.

She loves to put her hands in her mouth and anything else that is around.
At first she really wasn't doing that, but since shes started, she hasn't stopped.

She's starting to hold things more in her hands and her grip is getting better.

Her first OT appointment is next week.
I'm nervous and not sure what to expect.
I hope she does well.

I've noticed that even though she's 8 months actual,
she does stuff that a 5 month old would do.
I get that just from stuff I've read about what to expect from your baby.
But even if she's doing stuff like a 5 month old, that would be about right
considering how early she is and her corrected age is only 4 months.

So, I think she is doing really well.
But we'll know for sure where she is after her appointment next week.


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