Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holding Kali!!

I couldn't be more happier.

Today I got to hold my daughter for the first time!!
I can not describe how that made me feel.
Her being here for two plus weeks and not being able to hold her.
She is so, so tiny!!
I couldn't believe that I got to hold her.
She loved it and so did I.
Her head was cupped in my arm and she was so comfortable.
While holding her, her Stats went up.
Too, while I was holding her, she would open her right eye and just stare at me.
She knew I was mama!!!

Tomorrow she is scheduled to have a PDA ligation.
So I believe that's why I was able to hold her.

Her dad didn't hold her, as he wanted me to go ahead and have that time with her.
I got to hold her for almost a hour.

She got upset when she had to go back into her isolette, but we couldn't keep her out for to much longer.
Being that small, it's so easy for her body temperature to drop.
So we have to keep watch on that.

I enjoyed holding my Kali.

Can't wait to hold her again.


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