Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well where should I began.

So much has happened in the last week.

She was transferred to the NICU at University Hospital.
She was born at Doctor's Hospital.

She is doing well, but much prayer and positive thoughts are needed.
During this pregnancy journey I have had visions, and for the most part they have come true.
So I should have my Kali home with me in a couple of months.
It seems so long away, but before we know it, she'll be home.
The Most High knows what we can, and cannot bare.
Even though it seems very trying I know that Kali, her father and I, will make it through all of this.

I can't believe how much I love her and how much this is hurting to have to see her go through this.
But I went through it as well, being a preemie myself and made it through just fine.
So she will make it through as well.
Everything happened so fast and she was here.
J and I spoke about what would've happened if we would've known that I was in labor and if they would've stopped the contractions.  
My Kali fought for a week with low amniotic fluid.
Her hear rate was consistent between 155 to 159 every single time they monitored her.
Even as she was coming out.  My Kali is a fighter and she gave a little cry that was so beautiful and that I can't even begin to describe how it made us feel.

With her long legs and arms all over the place.
We have some of the best doctors and nurses in my area who are caring for her.

Also, it was a bacterial infection that caused my membranes to rupture so early.
My white blood cells count was at 20, when it should've been at 8 or 9.

I will post a more detailed blog about my birth story later.


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