Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 lbs.

Kali weighs 3lbs!!!!

I called to check on Kali this morning and all was fine.
She weighed in at 3lbs even!!!
Ha, ha, the three pound mark!!!

I can't help but give the middle finger to the doctor that delivered her.

She actually was trying to get me to just keep my Kali warm and see what happens.
Didn't think that I should've asked for support for her.
Stupid bastard!!!

I'm sorry it upsets me every time I think about what that doctor said.
I can't wait to take her to the OBs office to show the doctor who delivered me how well Kali is doing.

But anyway.
Kali is here and doing fine.

Now the plans for Kali tomorrow (2 weeks after surgery) are to put her on a hot flow cannula.
Picture the tubing that you see elderly people on, who have to carry oxygen.  So basically my Kali is doing so well that that she is not going to need to have the pressure any more and she'll just receive oxygen.

So excited!!!
And FINALLY we get to see her face without all of the tubes and mask.
We got to see her face once and she is so precious.
I can't wait to see it now, with all of the baby fat!! lol

She is to cute.
No more gloves, because she is over the 1000g mark.
So it's skin-to-skin from now on!!!

Next step is learning how to feed from the bottle and then from the breast!!

Can't wait.


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