Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kali is OFF THE VENT!!!!!!


She is doing just fine!!!!

Last night when we went to visit, we got a BIG SURPRISE!!!


My baby has graduated to the SiPAP Machine!!!!!!

I had the biggest grin in the world.  It was so unexpected.  No one saw it coming!!!

The respitory nurse was in the nursery and walked by her isolette and heard her crying!!  She was like, hold up, I'm not suppose to hear her.  When they are on the vent, the tube down the throat prevents sound.  So Kali somehow made her tube come up.  The nurse told us that, that does happen and that's and indicator that the baby is ready for the next step.
I'm so excited.
My Kali is one step closer to coming home!!!
And I can't wait!!!

She's been doing so well on it and everyone at the NICU is proud of her.
How could you not be?!
Also she is weighing in at

2lb 15oz


She is 1oz sigh of 3lbs!!!
My baby is getting chunky!!!
She now has a double chin!! It's to cute.

The breastmilk is really helping her.  So I do recommend that to all expectant mothers.  Even if you don't feed from the breast, if you express the milk, your child will benefit from it.
Um, also she has another infection, which isn't uncommon with preemies, and she just started some antibiotics for it today.  It was caught earlier, so hopefully she won't be on them long.


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