Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surgery went well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kali had her surgery today and all went well of course.

She had it today at 1pm (est), instead of 12pm.
It it went great!!!
Everyone is so proud of my little girl as am I and her father.
Usually it takes the little ones awhile to come out of it, but I guess she knew we were in the room and she opened her eyes and stared at us!!!  So looked at me, then her big head dad!!!!  Aww, I'm so in love with her!!!  I cannot even describe how it feels.  She amazes me!!!!

Also, guess who weighs 2lbs 12oz?!?!?!
Yes it is KALI!!!
Whoa!!! Almost 3lbs!!
But I know she may loose some of the weight over the next couple of days,
since she had such a major surgery, she won't be getting fed for a couple of days, but she will receive her nutrients through her IV.

Kali, actually stayed awake or should I say drifting back and forth while we were visiting her after surgery.
It brought tears to my eyes because I was so happy that she did so well.
All of her nurses have fallen in love with her and when you see the video of her, you'll know why!

Other than that, all is well.
Her doctor says that it will probably take her a week to recover.
So heres to a speedy recovery!!


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