Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anqi's Birthday

Today is Anqi's 4th birthday.

Wow, she's getting so old.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see her today.
J and I had alot of things planned for her, but her mother went back on her word, again.

J had spoke with Michelle (the baby mama) a couple of days ago and set everything up.
She was to have Anqi at her mothers, so J could go by and pick her up, so we could do the things that we had planned for her.  He called to see if Michelle, had dropped Anqi off, but she didn't.

Michelle's mother claimed that she had been over there, but didn't drop Anqi off.

Soooooo, J called Michelle.
She had the nastiest attitude.  It was just so unbelievable how she was acting.
It's like she's turned this whole thing around and making it to where J can't see his baby.

It's hard, because we have no idea when we'll see her again.

But J did get to speak to her today and she was happy to talk to her dad.
So that did make us feel better, but this is hard.

Happy Birthday Anqi Hetkaptah!!!!!

Here's a cupcake for you!!!


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