Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Today is
Kali's 1st

She's only 4 months old, so I doubt very seriously that she'll remember it.

So basically slept all day long, until.........

She got to see her big sister Anqi!!

Yep, we got to see Anqi today.

Granted it was only for 3 hours, we got to spend time with her.
But the time went by fast.

Then on top of that Michelle, was being typical Michelle.
She couldn't even respect the fact that Joey was in the bathroom and it was causing him to run late.

Can you say DRAMA!!!!
Things didn't have to go the way they did, but they did.

Anqi got to see her daddy and her baby sister.
She also told me that my Thanksgiving dinner tasted better than her Oma's!!
I thought that was cute!!!

I hope we get to see her soon.
Not sure when that'll be, but hopefully soon.

You would think that with all that has happened, that Michelle would think about her
in this situation.

So we'll see.

Happy Turkey Day Kali!!!


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