Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's Kali's first christmas!!!!!

May baby got spoiled today!!

For only being 5 months old, she got
of stuff.

Let see an exersaucer,
more clothes, shoes,
and toys on top of toys!!!

She's not really doing much at 5 months, but just give it a couple of more months and she'll be moving around.  We didn't get to take pictures at all.  We forgot to buy film!!! :(

You know this Christmas was good, because it was Kali's first,
but it was also sad because we didn't get to see or speak to Anqi.
We haven't seen Anqi since Thanksgiving.
A whole month!!

It's hard not seeing her.
She spent the entire year with us, but since all of this has happened with her mother,
shes been keeping Anqi away.
She's even gone so far as to change her phone number.

So now he has no way to talk to his child
She won't even respond to emails that he's sent her.

Oh this is soooooooo frustrating.

J misses his little girl so much.
Today was to be a happy day and it was.
But a very special member of our family was no there.

I hope we can see her really soon.


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