Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kali has a cold :(

My baby is sick!!!
She has a really bad cold.
We took her to the doctor on Friday
and she was prescribed some albuterol.
Kali has been congested since she first came home from the hospital in September.
It had really gotten worst of the past week.
And she started to have a bad cough.
So we went ahead and took her to the doctor.
So she has to take this medicine every four hours, over the next couple of days.
If she doesn't get better, we're going to take her back to the doctor.
So I hope that my baby gets better really soon.
It's scary to see her go through this.
She is so miserable at times.
So isn't eating as much lately.
I hope that she feels better soon.
I love you Kali!!!

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