Friday, March 12, 2010

Planning a Birthday Party

I'm in the process of planning Kali's
1st Birthday Party!!

I'm excited.

There is still much to do.
I know her birthday isn't until July,
but the earlier you plan, the smoother things will go.

First we have to pick a date of the party.
Then, pick a place for the party.

I've been looking at certain themes and I think I know what we're going to go with.

I'll be making her 1st birthday cake from scratch.
(yes mama can cook, lol)
And I already know the design.

I just have to pick the colors, of course to match with the theme.

Get invitations, stamps, and update everyone's address.
We'll most likely be having family from out of town attending.

The only crazy thing is that our Family Reunion is the same weekend as her birthday.
So we'll see how that goes.

I have to make goody or favor bags for the children attending.
Get thank you notes, for those who attended.

Um, some of everything.
I need to double check my check list and get everything together.

After this year's party, each one after that should become easier and easier.

So, let the countdown begin.


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