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Kali Hu Nefer

One thing I don't understand is,
why is there such concern about what one chooses to name their child.
Also, why wasn't this email originally sent to me, why was it sent to me by my mother, who sees me everyday.  If there was concern about what my child has been named, the first and right thing to do would have been to come to me.

Also, why would this need to be a topic for the entire family to read on.
My daughter Kali Hu Nefer, definitely lives up to her name

When most people name their child, they do not do research about what his/her name is going to be.
Most people go off of what SOUNDS good.

I have a very dear friend who is from India.
When I first told her what name we had choosen for out daughter,
she was very excited and understood why.

The name that has been choosen for my daughter, should not bother
Your NAME does NOT make you who are as a person.

Since time was not taken out on your behalf to do research on my daughters name,
please read below.
If you do not believe it.
Do your research

Kala means black and also time, death, lord of death etc.
kAli means "the black one"
also time and change in its personification.

What is most important is
of what she does.

She (Kali) is the one who brings us knowledge and this is shown in the sculpture.
In one hand she brandishes a scimitar(sword) covered in blood, by which she has slain countless demons, and in another hand, a severed demon head.  This is not only to show the stance that one must mentally take against evil ( that which goes against the true form of reality) , it also symbolizes the destruction of ignorance and the dawning of knowledge.  She also holds the sword of knowledge in another hand that cuts the bonds that bind us to that which is false and opens the gates to freedom from that bondage.

There is a fierce look on the face of Kali,
symbolically to ward away that which is evil
 to show that she is the destroyer of evil (false reality) in her passion.

She wears a necklace of 50 skulls, which represent the 50 sound units of power that reside in the third sphere of mans spirit ( which I know you know nothing about) and, again, shows her responsibility for bestowing knowledge.  The reason why they are skulls is that they are the heads of slain demons ( false ideas, false ways of life and perversity) that have been elimanated by the use of these 50 sound units of power.

Her skirt, as you see above, is made up of severed hands, which represent karma. 
Karma is where what you do is repaid to you (cause and effect universally).
Since one’s hands do most of the acts that affect karma, Kali symbolically severs them from the body, which is a symbol of being released from the bonds of karma and being freed from the cycle.

The legends say that she appeared from the forehead (mind) of the goddess Durga, when Durga was trying to fight demons. When Kali came forth, she took over for Durga and she won the intense war with the demons. So we see them as one Supreme Being with Durga’s form being a gentler, more compassionate mother-type, and Kali’s form being the ruthless warrior, protecting her children at all costs.

The natural order of this world is a cycle of life, death and rebirth.
In the wintertime, the leaves die and fall to the ground where they decay.
This is not a bad thing because the leaf compost nourishes the soil underneath and enables new plant growth. Just as a farmer may burn his field before he plows it, the burning must be done, or else no new plants will grow where he lays his seeds. 
In the same way, Kali burns up ignorance so that we may become knowledgeable; she symbolically frees us from those things that would keep us from being enlightened, and is the symbol for protection from harm as any earthly mother would be.

You have to understand that these things made by our ancestors are symbols of things that go on in side of every human being.

As for the name
Hu Nefer.
The word hu meaning "utterance" is a sound of power used by our ancestors as a form of creativity, and is looked at as the second sound uttered by God in creation.
The word nefer means beauty or beautiful.
So in reality hu nefer means "utterance of beauty" or "beautiful creative utterance" and has nothing to do with our ancestor Hunefer who inscribed one of many papyrus.

Oh and another thing, you showed the piece about hunefer and it showed that he had something to do with a book called " The Book of the Dead". 
Do you really understand what you are reading?
The so called "Book of the Dead" was found in egypt when arab grave robbers came into the tombs of our ancestors and they saw the writings on the walls and some papyrus with inscriptions and then labled these inscriptions " The Book of the Dead".  You can look all this up and see it, if you don't just go to the first web page that you find just to make a point.
The original name that the ancients gave to that book was "Pert em Haru" meaning the book of "Becoming Awake".  It is a book of understanding of self and becoming awake to the truth of who you really are.

Before you speak on things that you have not been initiated into or have not put in the time to study I would do just that, STUDY!!!  There is more to the world and to the symbols of ancient people than your limited perceptional view point (which has been distorted) has realized.  Only talk about that which you understand or ask someone who has cared enough about the subject to contemplate these things for you.

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