Tuesday, March 9, 2010

OT Appointment

Kali had her first OT appointment today.

It was different than I thought.
I expected it to be much more intense than it was.

I was nervous going in, but J reassured me about everything.
He's so wonderful.


But Kali did really well.
Her actual age is 8 months old.

Her adjusted age is 4 months.
It's so crazy when I think about that.

But anyway, she is doing everything that a 4 month old baby should be doing.
She is also doing some things that a 5 month old would be starting to do as well.

So they were very pleased with Kali.
We have been recommended to have a PT come out to the house and work with Kali.

So that'll be something different.
I know she'll do well.

So we'll she how that goes.


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