Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Baby Girls Arrival :)

Our baby girl arrived today!!
Emotions are mixed and I'm not sure what to really think.

So many things run through my head.  So many what ifs.

We did not expect for her to arrive so early, but she did.

For one, I didn't even know that I was in labor.
I basically thought that I was just having bad gas (sorry TMI) all day long.  I had already head three BM (sorry TMI, again), so that's what I thought it was.  But it just wouldn't go away.

My nurse gave me some medicine for the gas, but it did not help.

Three hours later, I was still in pain.
I couldn't sleep because as soon as I would get comfortable the gas would move around. It was unbearable!

My lovey SO asked the nurse what he could do to help.
He wanted to rub on my back to try and get the gas to come out.
Mind you, I could not even pass gas (sorry, TMI).

The rubbing made me feel better, but the pain was still there.
It went through my head, if I can't even handle these gas pains, I know I wouldn't be able to handle a natural birth!!

My nurse came back in to check on me.

I had just come from the bathroom, trying to pass something (didn't happen).

I told her that I saw some blood on the tissue and she told me to watch for cramping.
As soon as she said that, I felt a little cramping.

My nurse hooked me up to the monitors to check for contractions and to check out little girls heart rate.
Then nurses and a team of people were in the room before I knew it.

The pain was getting stronger.
I then realized that, I was in labor!!

It was very hard to cope with the fact that, I would possibly be giving birth to my daughter today!!

I was given a shot of what I think was magnesium to try and stop the contractions.

My IV was just removed two days before and now nurses rushed and panicked to start a new one.  I was going to be transferred to a different hospital, but there was no time.

The on call doctor for my OBs office came in and performed an ultrasound.
She discovered that our little girl had made her way into the birth canal.

That was very scary to hear.  She wasn't suppose to be arriving yet.  Plus I had a cerclage.
I felt something.  I kept reminding the nurses that I had a cerclage.
But I kept feeling something.

Everyone was nervous.
A baby that small had never been delivered at this hospital.
The smallest baby that they had dealt with was 28 weekers.

The on call doctor checked me, "She's crowning!! Yeah, that's the baby's head right there!!"
I couldn't believe my ears.  This was not suppose to be happening!

I kept feeling like something was trying to come out.

"Can you push?!"

"Huh?! Push, what?!?!"

"Wow your little girl is coming through the cerclage!"

She's doing what?! She really wanted to be here.

The doctor then asked me if I could push again and I tried.
She helped pull out my little girl.

Wow, she is here!!!
I heard her cry!!!!
It was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard.
We didn't expect to hear her cry, as they said that her lungs were so underdeveloped.
But that cry showed other wise!!!

She was so tiny!  She sounded like a little cat!
When she was given to the nurses, she had her legs and arms sticking straight up.
I could see her little booty!!
My baby girl was now here.

At this hospital, the smallest they deal with is 28 weekers.
So our little girl was a new experience for them.
You could see it on the nurses faces, that they were nervous and that they wanted to get everything right.

Right before all of this, the doctor who delivered me asked me what we wanted to do with our little girl.

"What the hell do you mean?!"

She wanted to know if we wanted to provide support for her or just keep her warm and see what happens. How could we just keep her warm and see what happens.  She was loved way before she was concieved.

That pissed us off so bad.

But of course we choose to provide her with support.
I remember the doctors from the hospital she was to be transferred to as they came in the room, telling me that they where going to do everything possible for our daughter.

It's like everything was happening so fast, but then again in slow motion.
I was crying as I still was trying to cope with what was really happening.
After wards I went into surgery.
My placenta would not detach itself, and the cerclage had to be removed also.

My surgery went fine and after wards, they brought our little girl in so we could see her.  We were able to touch her, while in her incubator and then she was whisked away to the other hospital.

I felt better, being able to see her.
My little red baby :)


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