Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

Yesterday was my second Mother's Day!!

I enjoyed it for the most part.
We didn't do anything spectacular, but I enjoyed my little girl and her father.

I finally got my hair braided (about time). My sister did it.
Our time finally matched up yesterday.

I have so much new growth. This going natural thing takes a lot of patience.
You have to keep your hair shampooed all the time and moisturized.
The demarcation line(point between the new growth and relaxed hair) is really fragile during this time. So moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Now that my hair is braided up, I just have to keep it oiled as usual.

I bought some Cantu leave in conditioner and it made my hair sooooooo soft.
I wasn't even able to come through my hair, let alone part it with my fingers.
After I shampooed my hair and applied the LIC, I let it sit there for about 30 minutes then I blow dried my hair. Total difference in before. With this LIC is should be able to put it on top of my braids for frizzies and just to plain keep my hair moisturized.

But yesterday, I enjoyed spending time with my sister as well and catching up with her and letting her know about all the crazy things going on. She is 21wks pregnant today and she has another prenatal appointment.
I hoping and praying that this blood clot gets smaller and that she stops spotting. I know this is very, very difficult for her.

But that was my day.

Next up, Kali's Dr. appointment Wednesday, then she has an eye appointment next week on the 18th, then my niece Samia's 4th birthday is on the 23rd, my dads birthday is on the 24th, Joey's mom birthday is on the 25th. So lots and lots of birthdays this month.


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