Wednesday, July 7, 2010

12 month Check-Up

Ok, so I have a big girl now!!

She is so sweet and the cutest as can be.

Kali had her 12 month check up today.
It was a long day seemed like.

Her appointment was at 10:15am,
but like always, we were 30mins late.
You have to love her doctors office, because they never turn us away or
make us reschedule.  I think most offices do.

But anyway, we didn't wait long before her named was called.
You know they went through the routine questions and then she
had her measurements taken.

My baby weighs: 22lbs
(I think everyones scale is broken, she so feels like she weighs more, lol)

She is 28 inches tall.
So my baby is short, so far, but she did grow an inch in a week.
So she'll catch up, because we are by no means short.

Well Dr. Drake checked and she was very pleased with everything.
She is so proud of Kali and excited that she had her first birthday.
It feels good knowing that your child's doctor really
cares about her and that she's not treating things just like "another" job.

Then came the shots!!!
She had to have three!
She did not, I repeat
enjoy those at all.
Then they pricked her finger after she received her shots.

It never gets easy, seeing her get her shots.
I mean, I had to stop myself from crying.
I just love her so much and I hate seeing her in any kind of pain.
Whether it's her teeth bothering her, her bumping her head(which will happen, you can't catch them all), whatever.  Especially her getting shots.

This time was the worst.
She cried so hard and flipped out.
She was so angry and didn't want to be held by anyone.
But at the end, she did really good.
And by the time we got home, it was nothing to her.

I'm so proud of my 23wkr.
She'll always be my 23wkr.
She's come a long, long, LONG way and I wouldn't change anything about
the experience.  Her being born so early, has truly made me appreciate her more.

My little fighter!!

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