Monday, July 26, 2010

The Funeral :(

Well, the funeral is today at 3:30p and we've tried to keep it off the brain as much as possible. I've decided not to go and to let Joey go and be with his family during this time. All of this is still so fresh and just so hard.

Just thinking about it, it still doesn't seem as if it is real, but we all know that it is. The only thing that we can all do is take it one day at a time and in time we will all be able to heal from this.

David's mother and sisters are my extended family and I've known them for years now. I know how hard all of this is for them and how it feels to loose someone so close, so sudden. Regardless of age or when it happens, it's hard. It's even harder now because of how young he was. He had so much potential and he wanted to better his life for him and his son. So all I can do is shake my head when I think about all this.

You would honestly think that people would be more compassionate about things like this, but they're not. You would think that regardless of what has happen that one would show sympathy, but they don't. I don't know maybe I expect more of certain people or maybe I just expect for people to have a damn heart and to care if someone is going through something hard. But I guess it's just life. It is, what it is.

Again his family will continue to be in my thoughts and I pray that they're able to heal from the pain of this in time.

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