Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rest In Peace David Johnson

Got an unexpected phone call yesterday!!

My SO cousin was killed by his wife.

It's so sad and so unexpected.  We still can't believe that this has happened.  It's so surreal.
He had a son and now he has to grow up without his daddy.  And who knows if the mother will ever tell him about his dad.  She was the type who tried to keep his son away, but his was granted visitation through the court.  It shouldn't even have had to go that route, but some females don't have their child's best interest in mind.

But I really hope that he is in a better place and that he is finding peace.  He was only 23.  So young, so much potential . . . . . . .  ugh so mad that this happened.

Please pray for his mother and father, as well as his sisters and his close cousin(Joey, they were like brothers).

The crazy thing is, is that before yesterday Joey had just talked to him like two days before that and they were suppose to meet up.  You get the rest.

Rest In Peace David Johnson.
You will be missed dearly!!!!

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