Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sippy Cup = BIG GIRL!!!!

Ok. So I've been kind of battling Kali with a sippy cup.

So the first cup I bought was a trainer cup by Munchkins.  It had the two handles with the silicone spout.  Ennnn no, she didn't like it or even try to suck from it.  She just chewed on the spout! lol

Ok, so then we got her the Nuby sippy cup.  The one  that has a plastic top and spout.  Now with this one, she tried to chew on the spout, but couldn't, ti was to hard.  So one day, I just tried to give her that cup and nothing else.  She actually sucked from it, but it didn't have the feel of the bottle.

So once I noticed that, I tried the Munchkin cup again.  She tried to suck from it, but nothing would come out, so she threw it and wanted nothing but her bottle.

So for the past couple of weeks, I haven't tried to give her a sippy cup.  So today we went to Wal-mart and bought her a Nuby sippy cup, that is similar to the Munchkin(no handles) and has silicone spout.  So I wanted to see what she would do with this cup.  I gave her some juice in and she actually drunk from it.  I mean, no fighting, NOTHING!!!!!!

I decided, lets try some milk.  Man oh man, she drunk the whole thing.  So can you say that I am so happy that my baby is drinking from a sippy cup.  A sippy cup that cost like $2 and she loves it.  She holds it the same way she holds her bottle.  Oh I'm so happy!!!

Sooooooooo NO MORE BOTTLES TO WASH!!!!!  Only sippy cups!!  I'm going to keep the bottles, just in case she tries to revert back, but I know I have to stick to my guns.

So in conclusion, sippy cup = BIG GIRL!!!  And a BIG GIRL is what I have!!!!
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