Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ok, so over the past couple of days a lot has happened.

In short it was just drama. You know people hate when you know things about them, when they tried sooooo hard to hide it from you. But you know there's always a way to find out.

So in a previous post, I posted how we were waiting to hear back from, we'll just call her "Garbage", a.k.a the "baby mama", but she really wasn't because the baby wasn't his biologically. Well we waited, and waited, and waited, so nothing. Now I know that this girl had received the emails that we sent and I also knew that they had been read, if not once, then twice. But you know people act as if you can't find things out.

Since she didn't reply, I told Joey that I guess this is the end of the line. Obviously this girl has not grew up any over this course of time and she's going to continue to be selfish. It's said because now Anqi looses the ONLY father that she has ever known and now she has to deal with JUST her crazy behind mother. But hey, what can you do right. Like I told Garbage, I just hope that Anqi turns out to be a well rounded girl and NOTHING like her mother, because that is no way to live your life or to go through life acting like that. Seriously Garbage is one sad human being who is clearly on the road to destruction. But that isn't my problem, nor Joey's.

So in conclusion, she refuses to let Anqi be apart of our lives. So this is basically out of our hands now. If she comes around, cool. If she doesn't, there's nothing we can do about it. We'll always love Anqi and we'll cherish the memories of her that we have and the pictures of her that we have as well.

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