Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick update on me!!!!

I had two doctor appointments this week.

Wednesday was the appointment with my regular OB.  It was an ok appointment.  It was too cute, while the nurse was listening to our baby's heart beat, Kali started bouncing to the beat.  It was too cute!! :)

Thursday's appointment. . . . . . . . . . . The longest appointment I have ever had.
My appointment was at 1:30pm and I didn't leave until 5:30pm!!! Yeah a really long appointment.

We did get to see our baby and it was amazing. The baby was moving it's mouth and it reminded me of how Kali moves her's when she is sleep. To cute!!! And the baby was moving allllllll over the place. Our baby already has a head full of hair and weighs 3lbs. Music to my ears!!!! I was wondering how our baby's growth was and worrying about PTL&D, but I know if the was to be born now that the baby would do great in the NICU. But we're not worrying about that now.

Oh also my cervix is measuring 2.9 to 3.0!!!! So thank goodness it is staying steady since I've gained some length back. YAY!!!!!

Only thing is that my amniotic fluid is the low side. It's measuring in at a 9 and she said with me being this far along that I should be more. So on to drinking EVEN MORE WATER!!!! Not a problem.

Other than that everything is fine. Next OB appointment in two weeks, next MFM appointment in three weeks. Can't wait!!!!!!

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