Thursday, December 2, 2010

So much has happened!!!!!

Well, well, well!!!

So much as happened over the past couple of weeks.

Kali will be 17months on Sunday and she is SUCH A BIG GIRL!!!!!


Ok, so as you can see from the video my BIG GIRL is walking.  So is it safe to say I have a toddler now?!?!
We are all so proud of her.  Her OT therapist is proud of her as well.  So now, by time her sibling arrives she'll be walking very well.  So excited.

We're getting so close to meeting this little person, it's surreal.  Who would've thought that I would still be pregnant after all of this time.  It is SUCH a blessing and I'm oh so thankful!!!!

I love feeling the movements and the feet under my ribs and the constant trips to the bathroom.  .. .. oh and I can't forget the heartburn.  But I would gladly do it all over again, but maybe in another two to three years time :)

Be safe and enjoy your holidays people!!!

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