Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update on me!!!!!

Ok so here's a quick update on me.

Things have been going great and couldn't be better.

I can't believe that I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy and in a couple of weeks we'll be meeting our little miracle.  Our FULL TERM baby!!!  We've picked out a first name, but the second name is still a work in progress.

It's funny, because I didn't experience any of what I'm experiencing with Kali's pregnancy.  I didn't get that far, so all of this is new to me.  But I love that when the baby has hiccups, that I can feel it.  It's a trip.  But a wonderful feeling.  I embrace every movement, even the one in the ribs, because in a short couple of weeks, I'll be holding my baby instead.

I'm going for a NCB, which I think I can do it.  I did it with Kali, but it wasn't by choice, but I got through the pain.  I have two appointments this week and can't wait to see what my doctors say and I can't wait to see our baby on screen again.  It's so amazing the technology they have and being able to see the baby in 3d/4d!!!  AMAZING!!!

I'm still in school and things couldn't be better there as well.  So far, straight A's and a GPA of 4.0!!!!  Can't beat that huh.  Next week on the 12th is my last day of classes for the holiday break and I'm so happy about that.  A well deserved break from school.  Then the next session starts back on the 3rd.  Hoping to have a baby before I go back to school. lol  But only time will tell.

I'm receiving weekly injections to help calm my uterus, because I'm prone to PTL and I have IC.  So not a good combination.  The shots have helped A LOT!!!!  I had to go the hospital the other because of contractions and was given some Terb in the shot form, my pills were not working!!!!  But all was well and I was able to come home pregnant!! lol

So in short, not to long to go before we welcome our FULL TERMER to the family.  Clothes have been washed, diapers have been bought, only thing left to buy are bottles.  But of course we're going for the breastfeeding, because breast is best!!!

That's it. I'll update as soon as I can.

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