Thursday, September 15, 2011

Old School!!!

Ok, so I've had a flash back to my child hood.  

I wonder if some of you remember this.

OMG I do!!!!!!  Aaah!!! lol

This i s like a flashback.  I just watched like all 65 episodes  over the course of three days.  Why were the Misfits so obsessed with Jem?  So needless to say I have Jem songs playing in my head. lol  If I'm not mistaken I watched this every Sunday morning before church, along with Transformers on USA.  Aaah memories.  All you had to worry about was what was for lunch. lol

But I love that I can play it and me kids dance to the music.

I hope I made someones day.


  1. Oh my goodness!! A POST!!! :-)

    So funny you brought up Jem. About a month or so ago my husband and I was watching Hub and Jem was in the lineup. I loved that show as a kid!! I loved those little 1 minute songs... "Share, share.. A little bit of yourself".. Remember that one? LOL! Or what about "Surprise Surprise" by the Misfits? Okay.. Have I taken the excitement a little too far?? LOL!!

  2. @kaydensmumI know right! lol

    Girl I had to come back with that one. I loved that cartoon. I was having a real 80's moment!! Thinking about the Pound Puppies, Gummie Bears, Shera!!! Girl the list goes on. Those young heads know nothing about that. Those were real cartoons.