Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is really on the brain?!

Ok, so alot has happened over the past two years.

Some good :) and some bad :(

 Over the past two years we have lost Anqi TWICE!!!!  Yes you read it right twice.

Does the saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me" go well for this entire situation?

One may wonder how that is even possible, but Michelle Johnson, makes that possible.

This is what happened this time: About a month ago or so, shortly after Anqi started school, Anqi was visiting us for the weekend.  Prior to that visit, I braided Anqi's hair for school.  You know we wanted for her to look nice while she was attending school for the week.  Michelle took out Anqi's braids and did her hair.  Ok, cool, whatever.  No big deal.

So when I was getting ready to Anqi's hair it was really straight.  Now mind you since we started seeing her in April, I believe it was she was not getting a relaxer.  I kept Anqi's hair braided the entire time and we told Michelle that we were going to get Anqi's hair back to "normal."  Normal meaning, non processed, chemical derived hair.  So of course I had to ask if a relaxer had been put BACK in Anqi's hair after all of the hard work that I had done to get her hair back to normal.  She was putting relaxers in it for a year.

Michelle said that she hadn't put a relaxer back in her hair, but that she flat ironed Anqi's hair.  She asked me if it was a problem and I told her that it was.  Anqi's hair was straight like she had a relaxer, so if you've flat ironed hair in between relaxer, you  know exactly what she did to get it straight.  She basically cooked her hair, just pressing and pressing until it got straight. 

This is the conversation, if I was wrong with what I said please, please, PLEASE tell me. lol

Anyway.  I told her what flat ironing does to the hair and how it can damage Anqi's hair.  I also told her that she could achieve the same thing without heat.  She said, I'm not trying to be rude, but that's what I wanted to do to my child's hair. 

This is word for word, what I replied to her, "
Ok. Well just because you wanted to do something to your child's hair doesn't mean that what you did to her hair was right. Think about why Anqi doesn't have any hair now and why its broke off in certain spots. Its because you put that poison (relaxer) in her hair.  Think about how much hair Anqi had before you did that. I kept her hair done all the time and it was long, thick and beautiful. Think about what it did to your hair, how your hair was broke off.  I understand wanting to do your child's hair, but there is a right way to do it. What you chose to do to her hair is not right.  You're frying her hair and it'll make it to were her hair will be messed up in the future.

Then she sends, "Look. Im tryin my best not to cuss you out. How about just leave it alone before something get said that dont need to be said alright. 
I'm sorry, last time I checked I was a grown behind woman, with a husband, two kids, and my own things.  So I guess she forgot that she was speaking to another adult.  But I'm not about to let anyone talk to me any kind of way.  What did she really expect to happen?  Me reply back with ok Michelle?  Leave it alone?  What?  I'm not about to let ANYBODY talk to me any kind of way.  

Everybody wants respect, but no one is willing to give it.

So after all of this we saw Anqi one more time, before the stupidity started again.  So I guess she's taken Anqi away for good now.  The only thing that pisses me off about the situation is how Michelle isn't thinking of Anqi's feelings and what Anqi wants.  We know Anqi misses us and wants to see us, but while Michelle is on her kick this what it is.

My thing is this, is she knew that she would take Anqi away after a disagreement then she should have not let Anqi come back.  My baby sits here EVERYDAY asking me about Anqi.  Everything she asks about and says is Anqi this and Anqi that.  She misses her and wants to see her, but Michelle is the barrier.  I've tried to talk some sense to her, but she is still pissed and playing the same games.  I've been trying to contact her for over a week after I spoke to her on the phone and she hasn't contacted me back.  I'm tired of the games.

I just want Anqi and Kali to be able to be together, but I have not control over Michelle's part of this.  She's the type of person to were you can't tell her about herself and understand were you  are coming from.  Sounds like my mom.

But hopefully good things will come out of all of this and Michelle will realize what she is doing.

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