Saturday, October 1, 2011

Being a MOTHER!!!!!

This is the greatest gift in the world and no one can take it away from me.

I love being a mother.

I loved that Joey, my dear husband, helped me become one.  Without him, none of this would've been possible.  My children have the best father and I couldn't ask for a better one for them.

The joy I get when I see my family playing together in indescribable!!!

The love I feel as a mother and wife is indescribable as well.

It's amazing that we have been allowed to experience this and watch our children grow and nurture them along the way.  The only one missing from our family is Anqi.  I have to keep saying this.  We all love her sooo much but that doesn't matter to anyone but Anqi and us.

EVERYDAY Kali comes to me and says something about Anqi.  I mean EVERYDAY!!  It's so hard not to cry because the look on Kali's face when she asks about Anqi or when the doorbell rings and she asks if it's Anqi and I tell her it isn't.  Oh it breaks my heart.  But I guess it's life and this is the card that we have been dealt.

If I wasn't a concerned parent or didn't care about my children's feelings, something would be wrong with me.  My children have feelings and I recognize that.  They are people too, just little people :)

But on a happy note: Sia is starting to say "mama" more and more.  And of course she says "dada" all the time.  I love it!!!!!

Kali!! Kali, Kali, Kali!!! lol  What can I say about my fire pistol.  She is doing great.  Her therapy is going great.

Keep a look out on out blog, I'll soon be adding individual pages of Kali, Sia and Anqi.  Even though we can't see Anqi doesn't mean she isn't part of our family.  So she'll have a page too.

Thanks to those of you who actually care about my little girls and wonder how they're doing on a day to day basis.  We all really appreciate it!!!!

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