Thursday, October 6, 2011

In loving memory of . . . .

I know you may see the title and wonder what that is all about . . . . .

Last rewind to 2009.  In 2009 my hubby got me a laptop.  I'd always wanted one and was confined to the use of a desktop computer.  So to my surprise he purchased a laptop and it was MINE, ALL MINE!!!!!!!!

Fast forward to sometime last year.  I usually sit my laptop on the edge of the bed and I lean over to use it.  This particular day, I just so happen to sit a pitcher of Kool-Aid (yes, I said Kool-Aid, lol) on the foot board post on my bed.  Let's just say I bumped into to and my laptop took a sugary swim.  Automatically my hubby wanted to give me his laptop.  NOPE!!!!  DIDN'T WANT IT!!!  It was his, not MINE!!!!!!

So my laptop dried and I was actually able to use it again.  But this time around I had to replace my keyboard, which was easy pease (is that correct?) you can find ANYTHING on YouTube.  I could deal with the sticking keys and such.  Now my wifi would cut off whenever it wanted to, usually during the time I was trying o finish school work at the last minute or submit at the last minute.  It was sooooo aggravating, but it was MINE and I dealt with it. 

So yesterday, after reinstalling my OS the previous week and re-organizing my file system my laptop just decided that she didn't want to cooperate any more.  She served me well after her little sugary swim.  I tried to hold out as long as I could, but it just wasn't happening.  Thankfully we have a mini laptop, which is convenient and inconvenient at the same time.  I feel like this, if you can spend the money to purchase a mini, you can add to that and purchase a full-size laptop.

The mini laptop, we purchased for Anqi and Kali to use.  Which is soooo great because everything is technology driven and why not teach them early?!

Ok, back to the story.  So yesterday since my laptop just gave out on my, my hubby did the noble thing and gave me his laptop.  Which is 10 TIMES or should I say 100 TIMES BETTER THAN MINE!!!!!! lol  I love it and it loves me back.  We will have a better relationship than the previous and this one will be handle with more love and care.

Those with small children around, BEWARE!!!!!  They will try to use your laptop.  They like to copy you.  Kali will get on here and act as though she is typing and when I say, "Kali what are you doing?"  She looks and says, "I typing!" haha!  Toooo cute, but gotta love it, right?!

So rest in peace my previous laptop (no I didn't name her, maybe I should've) :(  You will be missed, but you served your purpose and will now be used as parts.  So you'll make someone else happy in a small way.